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This is the Git repository containing Fediverse Enhancment Proposals (FEPs).

# Submitting
A Fediverse Enhancement Proposal (FEP) is a document that provides information to the Fediverse community. The goal of a FEP is to improve interoperability and well-being of diverse services, applications and communities that form the Fediverse.

TODO a short description on how submit.
# Submitting a FEP

For more information see [FEP-a4edc7b](./feps/
Do you have an idea, opinion or information that you want to share with the wider Fediverse community? You may do so with a Fediverse Enhancement Proposal (FEP).

To create and submit a FEP:

1. Think of a title for the FEP you want to submit.
2. Compute the identifier of the FEP by computing the hash of the title. This can be done with following Unix command:
$ echo -n "The title of my proposal" | sha256sum | cut -c-7
4. Clone this repository.
3. Copy the FEP template ([](./ to the [feps/](feps/) folder and change the filename to `` where `abcdefg` is the identifier computed in step 2.
4. Write down your idea in the newly created file.
5. Submit a Pull Request to this repository containing your proposal.
6. Within 7 days you will receive feedback from the editors who may request changes or clarifications. If your proposal is accepted it will be added to the repository with the status `DRAFT`.
7. You are now required to initiate community discussion and collect feedback. While the proposal is in status `DRAFT` you may submit changes to the proposal via Pull Requests.
8. After at least 60 days of being added to the repository with status `DRAFT` you may request the proposal to be finalized. You must now request final comments from the community. If there are now significant community objections your proposal will reach status `FINAL` after 14 days. Once the proposal has reached status `FINAL` it may no longer be updated.

For more information see [FEP-a4edc7b: The Fediverse Enhancement Proposal Process](./feps/

# Editors