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  pukkamustard 4265a83fe8 Merge pull request 'FEP-a4ed: Finalize' (#14) from pukkamustard/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:fep-a4ed-finalize into main 4 months ago
  pukkamustard 34b7d5a5f7 Merge pull request 'FEP-a4ed: Fix typo' (#15) from pukkamustard/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:fep-a4ed-typo into main 4 months ago
  pukkamustard edc6ee404f fep-a4ed: Fix typo 5 months ago
  pukkamustard a4efa3f3cd FEP-a4ed: Finalize 5 months ago
  pukkamustard 49e1412b89 Merge pull request 'FEP-a4ed: Updates 3' (#13) from pukkamustard/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:list-in-readme into main 5 months ago
  pukkamustard dc1c4e208d README.md: Add note on the tracking issue. 5 months ago
  pukkamustard 7a0d25c303 ISSUE_TEMPLATE/tracking_issue.md: Add template for tracking issue 5 months ago
  pukkamustard b426118a1a fep-a4ed: Increase time after which FEP becomes auto-withdrawn to 120 days. 5 months ago
  pukkamustard 952c3e6e7a README.md: Add table of FEPs. 5 months ago
  cjslep db519b1329 Merge pull request 'Update FEP-f1d5 with latest feedback' (#9) from cjslep/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:main into main 5 months ago
  cjslep d634a88e51 Add caveat for `software.version` 6 months ago
  cjslep 6cf1310052 Additional usage.users feedback 6 months ago
  cjslep f45c73b8b6 Clarify alternatives are illustrative, not prescriptive 6 months ago
  cjslep 656b9750d0 Add Smithereen as a server side NodeInfo implementer 6 months ago
  pukkamustard b49ab91af4 Merge branch 'cj-main' into main 6 months ago
  cjslep 4451909999 Update reference to RFC 2119 6 months ago
  cjslep 4277f433f3 Correct typos & editorial adjustments in NodeInfo FEP-f1d5 6 months ago
  cjslep 7b2ad51acc Add draft for FEP-f1d5: NodeInfo in Fediverse Software 6 months ago
  pukkamustard 329dc4019f Merge pull request 'Add cjslep's Mastodon handle to EDITORS.md' (#7) from cjslep/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:main into main 6 months ago
  cjslep a46de3887d Add cjslep's Mastodon handle to EDITORS.md 6 months ago
  cjslep 6ab556f609 Merge pull request 'FEP-a4ed: Updates 2' (#6) from pukkamustard/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:fep-a4ed-updates-2 into main 6 months ago
  pukkamustard 8ab78c7824 EDITORS -> EDITORS.md and SUBMISSION_METHODS -> SUBMISSION.md 6 months ago
  pukkamustard 817aeca260 README.md: align language of process overview with FEP-a4ed 6 months ago
  pukkamustard ed52a2acda Merge pull request 'FEP-a4ed: Draft updates' (#5) from fep-a4edc7b-updates into main 6 months ago
  pukkamustard 06749dad7b FEP-a4ed: Draft updates 6 months ago
  pukkamustard a9d49486d4 Merge pull request 'Add dateReceived to FEP-8fcf1f0' (#4) from cjslep/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:main into main 7 months ago
  cjslep 2b7b1e3074 Add dateReceived to FEP-8fcf1f0 7 months ago
  cjslep c29451cd80 Merge pull request 'FEP-8fcf1f0: Followers collection synchronization across servers' (#3) from Claire/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:main into main 7 months ago
  Claire 9803392777 Add reference to RFC-2119 and fix typos 7 months ago
  Claire e26ad23938 FEP-8fcf1f0: Followers collection synchronization across servers 8 months ago
  pukkamustard 997bea802e Merge pull request 'Fix typo in README: now -> no' (#2) from cjslep/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:main into main 8 months ago
  cjslep 4a23ee0766 Fix typo in README: now -> no 8 months ago
  cjslep 5349e7cd47 Merge pull request 'FEP-a4edc7b: The Fediverse Enhancement Proposal Process' (#1) from pukkamustard/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:FEP-a4edc7b into main 8 months ago
  pukkamustard 38a19ac066 fep-a4edc7b: Set status to DRAFT 8 months ago
  pukkamustard 4b62312474 fep-a4edc7b: add author 8 months ago
  pukkamustard 12327270eb README.md: Add a short description of the FEP process 8 months ago
  pukkamustard fce3518028 EDITORS: add initial editors 8 months ago
  pukkamustard 84482d0a8a fep-a4edc7b: add section on Metadata 8 months ago
  pukkamustard 40aca0cc96 fep-a4edc7b: only allow submission by pull request 8 months ago
  pukkamustard 58c3a5d746 init 8 months ago